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Pretrial Intervention in Atlanta, Georgia

Saving Our Society Pretrial Intervention ("SOS") based in Atlanta, Georgia, offers family intervention services, mentoring programs, violence intervention, participant goals, and victim intervention classes for the courts and participants. It is our purpose to address why people end up in the criminal justice system and help them confront any deficiencies that prevent them from becoming productive members of society.

Pretrial Intervention
Working with the prosecutor's office, we help people through customized pretrial intervention programs designed to meet rehabilitation needs. We help participants receive certifications of program completion and file completion forms for them.

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Monitoring, Tracking, & Reporting
Participants are monitored from the time of referral until they have completed certification. We monitor the individual, track them on a weekly basis, and report their progress to the courts.

Intervention Classes
Prosecutors require you to take certain classes before your case is closed. Classes are scheduled for a minimum of 12 weeks, or as determined by
the prosecutor.

Family Services
We believe healthy families are the heart and soul of all communities. We further believe that any family member or family needing help should have convenient and timely access to the social services they need. That's exactly what we provide.

Mentoring Program
In each of our lives, there has been an adult, other than our parents, who broadened our horizons and brought a little magic into our lives. SOS promotes and supports mentoring through participant family members, community leaders, local churches, and other meaningful relationships.

Violence Intervention
SOS aims to support all victims of theft, violence and assault by providing an environment that allows the participant to formally and meaningfully apologize and submit restitution for victims. We do this both internally and through other community organizations.

Victim Intervention
Those who are the victims of SOS participants also receive social services supported through affiliate partnerships for victims of domestic violence and assault. People can get the information they need, or speak to caring individuals trained in crisis intervention. Anyone who calls for our services is welcome to ask SOS to assist them in getting the community resource information appropriate for their individual needs.

Participant Goals
SOS works directly with participants to establish realistic goals and instill self-improvement. Goals are documented as a weekly guide for achievable short- and long-term success. SOS will support the participant and recognize areas of opportunity, as well as their successes. The responsibility for achieving goals is 100% on the participant with our full support.
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