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Derron Daley Bowden An American Success Story


       Mrs. Daley Bowden is a native of the rural community of Morant Bay, Jamaica and is the sixth child of seven children. She completed her high school education with a Diploma in Business Administration in 1989, but her experience as a business entrepreneur began at the age of ten. Both of Mrs. Daley Bowden’s parents were business owners and throughout elementary and high school, she played an integral role in both their businesses by applying her academic studies in the real world. 

       At a young age, Mrs. Daley Bowden demonstrated and mastered business management skills in serving as an office manager for her father who was a Industrial Farm Supervisor and Master Mechanic in her native country of Jamaica. The farm they lived on produced crops and livestock and he serviced the automobiles for most of her town's individuals as well as the parish government vehicles until his death.

       Mrs. Daley Bowden’s mother owned and operated an open market food store, a restaurant, as well as a convenience store. When Derron was fifteen, her mother moved to America to start anew and establish the family temporarily leaving her in Jamaica, where she managed all operations of the family businesses. She graduated with her Business Administration Degree, married and also moved to America.

       At the age of 19, she arrived in America, with a single suitcase, to be reunited with her mother and sister in 1992. Mrs. Daley Bowden continued her business development experiences by first managing a bookstore in Newark, New Jersey.  After moving to Atlanta in 1996, hard work and planning allowed Derron along with her spouse to buy the first of what was to be a total of 7 convenience stores and gas stations located throughout the metro Atlanta area. She was successful in running all of these businesses while raising three children.

       Mrs. Daley Bowden divorced in 2002 and began rebuilding her life, acknowledging that she was a domestic violence survivor. Through the process of breaking free from that experience, she decided to relinquish all of her interest in her prior businesses and begin a new chapter of her life. Through the trials of this past relationship, she discovered Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) and began working in that industry in 2007.

       Mrs. Daley Bowden developed and displayed a passion for the work. With her dedication, hard work, knowledge and work ethic, she quickly rose to the position of program manager. An opportunity presented itself for her to begin her own PTI business and program where she could fully utilize her established business management expertise. In 2012, she met with Georgia State Representative Roger Bruce and together they began Saving Our Society Pretrial Intervention, LLC. (SOS)

       Representative Bruce left the company in 2014 and Mrs. Daley Bowden, as the sole proprietor, has continued to develop and expand the company to assist others in their time of need, intervention and transition. Using her years of business management experience her own trial and rehabilitations, she has uniquely developed the business by acquiring and managing an impressive cadre of professionals and businesses in the legal, social, clinical, educational, and psychological fields. Mrs. Daley Bowden has created a team of highly qualified individuals and human resources with a community approach to the mission of Saving Our Society.    

     Mrs. Daley Bowden is presently married to Judge Harry Bowden and together they have nine children and two grandchildren.