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Group Sessions

Our current offering of Group Sessions include: Life Skills, Theft Prevention, GED, Anger Management, Self-Empowerment, Alcohol/Drug, Parenting, and Family Violence. Each session is held one day per week, except for GED, which meets 4 days per week.


Duration: 4 hours per day, 4 days per week

This GED program is led by Mr. Mike Glenn, a Certified Adult Literacy Instructor provided by Atlanta Public Schools Adult Literacy Department.  Mr. Glenn works directly with students on enhancing their education levels and preparing them for the GED exam.

This program is located at 777 Cleveland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30315.  The GED classes are held every week, Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. 

If you need additional information concerning these classes please feel free to contact Mr. Glenn at (404) 802-3560, (404) 314-8930, or contact our office at (404) 684-6100.


Duration: Up to Twelve 1-hour classes (based on court/interagency mandate)

Adult Life Skills classes center on essential skill-building tools to function in a successful, productive and fulfilling life. Life skills have been defined by the World Health Organization as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.” Class content includes address of personal awareness and discovery, self-discipline, goal-setting, decision-making, organizing one’s life, effective communication, positive relationships, conflict resolution, coping with life pressures, healthy living and being financially responsible. Sheila Joyner-Pritchard, MSW, ICPS will teach the sessions. For a complete outline, click here.


Duration: Up to Twelve 1-hour classes (based on court/interagency mandate)

The dictionary defines self-empowerment as “deriving the strength to do something through one's own thoughts and based on the belief that one knows what is best for oneself.” It assumes that one has positive self-esteem that will result in making correct choices and actions to be successful with every day and future efforts. The classes will have discussions, techniques and offer guidance for helping participants successfully “play the hand that’s dealt them,” create experiences they desire, balance life or play or work, self-promotion, stay motivated and focused, take positive risks, and see their options/future. It is lead by a gifted and experienced facilitator, Sheila Joyner-Pritchard, MSW, ICPS and meets once per week for one hour. For a complete outline, click here.


Duration: Up to Twelve 1-hour classes (based on court/interagency mandate)

Anger Management classes instruct in recognizing the causes, myths and triggers of anger (including hidden anger) in a group environment. Participants learn how to channel their anger in positive ways and to also reduce their tendency towards anger through use of successful techniques and strategies (i.e. anger management action plan, anger journaling, developing coping skills, etc.) Anger as related to ATOD, early family messages, emotional, physical and behavioral cues are addressed. Anger and its impact on family, parenting, and relationships are also addressed. Sheila Joyner-Pritchard, MSW, ICPS will meet with you once per week to guide you along the way. For a complete outline, click here.


Duration: Level 1, Three Two-hour classes; Level 2 (with teenager), Five Two-hour classes; Level 3 (through divorce), Six Two-hour classes 

Parenting skills classes are to help parents, parent partners, kinship caretakers and future parents learn, master, reinforce and/or enrich skills that lead to increased resiliency and reduced risk factors in caring for the needs of children, ages 0-19 years old. The classes will give parents and caretakers the tools, techniques and strategies to help children and youth increase social and life skills become productive/emerging adults not bound by generational/intergenerational issues. Classes will also measure, and result in, improved competencies needed for a child’s school performance, and a significant reduction of child maltreatment. Instructor: Sheila Joyner-Pritchard. For a complete outline, click here.


Duration: Three 1-hour classes; total of 3 hrs. (Must attend entire series)

Theft and Crime Prevention classes are designed to take participants from a distorted or destructive understanding of laws and the criminal justice system to a place of constructive knowledge and understanding of law. Class content will include definition of the types of laws and their necessities and impacts, types of crimes and their impacts on people (and specific populations), discussion of positive techniques and strategies to prevent or avoid unlawful behavior. Participants will also be encouraged to identify and review lessons learned to aid them in avoiding re-entry into the criminal justice system. For a complete outline, click here.


Duration:  90-minute weekly sessions (# of sessions, as determined by evaluation)

Alcohol/Drug session teaches how to manage depression, anxiety, and stress. Understanding your emotions and how to deal with them and ways you can resume a life without addiction, also focuses on healing the entire person as we address the underlying causes of  alcohol/drug use and addiction.

For All Alcohol/Drug Cases:

  • Individuals are evaluated by our LCSW and a recommendation is made;

  • All are randomly tested (screens);

  • If all screens are negative individual continues with sessions until completion of the program;

  • If there are any  positives, the individual is recommended to one of our provider treatment centers for IOP or inhouse treatment.

Instructor: Cathryn B. Johnson, LLC 


Duration:  90-minute weekly sessions for 24 weeks

We are a Certified FVIP and implement safety features designed to enhance safety for victims of family violence.  

  • Safety features include:

    1. Victim contact by advocates trained in safety planning;
    2. Compliance and termination notifications sent to courts and probation; and,
    3. Curriculum requirements based on national best practices to minimize victim blaming and to maximize offender change.
  • Length:  FVIPs are 24 weeks in Georgia.  
  • The national average is 24-26 weeks.

Cost:  The average cost per class is $30 in Georgia. We have a sliding fee scale for participants declared indigent by the court. The maximum allowable charge per class for any participant is $50.

Instructor: Cathryn B. Johnson, LLC 

We are on Page 6 under Fulton County on the Georgia Commission on Family Violence website: .

We appear listed as:

Cathryn B. Johnson, LLC 
777 Cleveland Ave., Suite 602 
(404) 767-3303


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